DIY Home Network System

Network is basic but important medium to our work and life by far. E-mail is usually the way that we use to communicate with others in business, and we also rely on WiFi to chat with friends, or watch funny videos online. Therefore, the network should provide sufficient resources (bandwidth) for every family member. Besides, the IP camera system could be added to the network as home security system though which may take up parts of network resources as well.

This article would go through the factors you should know while building a home network system and how you can get a reliable network by using PoE products.

What is PoE? Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that allows single Ethernet cable to transmit both data and power which saves connecting cables and installation time. The PoE products can repeat network and power up to 500 meters.

Factors need to be considered:

  •      Network connections

Before building a network, it is essential to think of whether the network you will need in the next few years. You may think that the children are still in young age, they have not so much need of network. But few years later, they need to rely on digital devices in study and social activities. The design of network should be made by the prediction of living situations in a few years later.

  •      Distance/ House space

As we all know, Ethernet signal can be affected by distance. The maximum distance of cat5e/cat6 cable without a repeater is 100 meters. You need to calculate the farthest distance from the network router. The network extender is needed if the distance is more than 100 meters. The WiFi signal is easy to be weakened by some obstacles such as walls. So review the blueprint and find the best spot to put up the WiFi router in order to optimize the WiFi coverage.

  •      IP cameras security system

Obviously, IP cameras security system has become more popular these days. The cameras are able to watch the front door, backyard and other special places. Both wireless and wired cameras need to be connected to home network which will take up the network resource to transmit the video.

Now let’s start to DIY home network system. It divides into WiFi and wired network. These two methods can be effectively mixed and matched basing on the demands, offering comprehensive coverage and stability network connection with PoE products.

  •      WiFi

The power line adaptor or WiFi booster can be chose to enhance or expand the WiFi signal. WiFi connectivity is less reliable and it can get influenced by different reasons, even just neighbor’s WiFi signal is in the field.

Power line adaptor can expand the network signal in short distance within the same electric meter. And it usually works in pair. You can find it in online shops such as Amazon or Ebay. Connect one adaptor to the AC outlet closed to the main router. Then plug another to any AC outlet where you want to extend the WiFi signal.

WiFi booster, also called WiFi repeater, is not router. How does it enhance the WiFi signal? After installing the booster in the field, it will receive the signal from WiFi router and forward to other direction. Then your devices like mobile phone, tablet can have WiFi connectivity in some blind spots.

  •      Wired

It is common and safe way to use cable solutions to build network system. PoE delivers stable network signal in long distance.

To expand WiFi signal, PoE injector is needed. And what is PoE injector? PoE injector adds power to Ethernet cable and transmits along with data to the remote device. The WiFi router can be setup in the place where the power doesn’t present. The below is the video to demonstrate how to power PoE router.

Besides, while network distance is beyond 100 meters, PoE extender can help in convenient way. Thanks to PoE technology, because one PoE extender can extend 100 meters of the network coverage. In other word, it is easy to extend the network from main router to backyard by using PoE WiFi access point.

The switch is the core devices for home network system. Choosing the right PoE switch can simplify your network design.