Long Distance Network and Power Extension with PoE System

As we know, set up IP camera system to improve security safety, a good network is the premise. Many applications require the installation of IP Cameras that are beyond 100 meters away from the closest monitoring center (e.g. networked Ethernet switch). In this case, network signal and supplying power would become too weak for remote IP devices working well 24/7,because Ethernet cable has a transmission limitation of 100 meters. The solution to deal with this issue is to extend network and power. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the most common solution.

The starting point of Power over Ethernet technology is that small network devices such as VoIP phones, wireless access points, and IP cameras which can obtain power and data directly from the Ethernet cable, and there is no need to separately lay power lines, simplifing system wiring and reducing the construction cost of network infrastructure.

There are some advantages to choose PoE solution for network and power extension. PoE technology simplifies cabling and saves labor costs. Ethernet cable simultaneously transmits data and power. PoE eliminates the need for expensive power and its installation time, saving money and time. Users can safely and conveniently integrate the existing PoE of non-PoE devices on the network, which can coexist with existing Ethernet cables. The PoE power system is running under DC48V which is perfectly safe for human being.

Depending on your environment and application, there are two methods to extend your Ethernet network beyond the nearest monitor center.

1.Extension over copper cabling with PoE extender

When you’re connecting your IP cameras to workstations in a building, PoE extender is handy devices.

PoE extender is a kind of device which is used to extend the distance of cable in order to repeat data and power to powered devices. In this way, the distance of powering the IP camera is in a maximum of 500 meters by utilizing daisy chain set-up, that is you can use up to 4 units of extender to deal with long distance power supply issue. It is flexible to meet the demands of different distance.

Before using extenders, you should know your IP devices with how much power consumption. As the extenders comply with different standards, their output power will be different. Figuring out this point is important to choose a suitable PoE extender. What’s more, number of required interfaces, and rate (10/100/1000M) also should be considered.

Here we take two most common types of PoE extender as example.

  • IEEE802.3af PoE extender

IEEE802.3af does not exceed 15.4W at maximum. Due to the loss of transmission wires, it can supply power to devices with a maximum power consumption of less than 12.95W. It is sufficient for general IP cameras, but for high-power front-end equipment such as PTZ camera, the output power is not up to standard.

A PoE extender that complies with the IEEE802.3at standard can supply power to devices with a maximum power consumption of less than 25.5W. The PoE extender is ideal for applications include parking systems, video surveillance, tank monitoring and connecting power sub meters.

If you want to install more than one IP camera, you can add a PoE powered switch in the system to expand network conveniently. However, when multiple ports of the POE passthrough switch are powered at the same time, it is necessary to calculate whether the power enough to supports the front-end IP devices. If not, the backup power supply needs to be added to increase the power supply of the switch. Therefore, choosing the passthroug switch, you should make clear how many devices can be powered up. Total power budge is an important indicator of a PoE switch.

The network monitoring project is different from ordinary network integrated wiring. It is a large volume of data transmission with high power, which requires 24/7 uninterrupted work. The use of qualified PoE devices and cables is the guarantee of the stability of the whole system.

2. Extension over fiber optic cable with media converters

When connecting to a distant department, a building across campus or across town where too far for common PoE extender to satisfy. Fiber optich cable is an effective long distance network extension solution. Besides, fiber optic is a rather secure option. It is generally used with a pair of media converter. As we know, fiber optical cable does not deliver power, and media converter can transport fiber optic to eletronic signal, and vice versa. Usually, there are two terminal ports with a converter——RJ45 and SFP fiber port. Like convenient Ethernet ports, RJ45 is linked to security IP camera or main network. The fiber cable distance between the camera and the main network can be up to 80km.

There are also other new products that integrate media converter in their interface. Fiber PoE extender is one can also link fiber cable. And the fiber PoE extender can be installed in the front-end with a PSU that can be placed far away from the IP cameras. Therefore, it’s no need to worry about the power issue. The maximum distance between the power supply and the camera is up to 2.5km.

Besides, outdoor environment could be harsh, especially in hot summer day. So all the media converters, SFP modules and the extenders need to bear the wide temperature range. The industrial hardened grade products will be used for this outdoor application.

If there are several security IP cameras gather around in the area that you need to moniter, fiber PoE switch is a convenient good choice. The fiber PoE switch has mulitple PoE ports which can take in more than one security IP cameras, supplying both data and power over Ethernet cable. Instead of wiring each fiber optical cable to each security IP cameras, one fiber link is enough between the media converter and the fiber PoE switch. The connectivity between the fiber PoE switch and the camera stays with convenient Ethernet cable. In addition, this fiber PoE switch is well suit for industail environment, because it features industail grade design.

The information above shows the ways for IP camera long distance network and power extension. Hope can help you to deal with the issue in a suitable way.