Set Up IP Camera Security System |Using PoE NVR or external PoE Switch

There always has confusion about how to set up IP cameras security system with NVR. This article would provide basic steps and some useful information about connecting IP camera to PoE NVR or Non-PoE NVR.

 What is IP camera System?

 IP camera is a digital video camera which can be connected to the network, transporting images in real-time. Working with network video recorder (NVR), the ip camera system is able to deliver live video and security footage recording to the hard drive.

The below is the equipments needed for typical ip camera security system. 

  • IP cameras
  •  network Switch
  •  Power source
  • PoE NVR or Non-PoE NVR
  •  Monitor
  •  Enough cables

Note: PoE network switch is required when Non-PoE NVR is selected.

If the system is just being designed, Considering the PoE IP cameras and PoE switch can bring the great benefits.

What is PoE?

PoE (power over Ethernet) is a new technology that allows data and power are transported in one cable. It reduces cables usage in the system and saves installation time, especially when power source is hard to acquire in the field.

Non-PoE IP cameras also can be converted into PoE supported by using splitters which can separate power from data in the cable.

  • IP camera security system using PoE NVR

Take a look at the picture of PoE NVR, there has numbers of RJ45 ports at the rear, which can take in multiple ip cameras.

PoE ports: IP cameras.

LAN port: router or network hub.

HDMI: monitor or TV.

VGA: monitor (VGA). USB: connect a mouse for menu operation.

Audio Out: the external speaker.

Power: turn on/off the power

Firstly, connect all interfaces to the corresponding devices, then power up the NVR.

Next, login the NVR menu by using the mouse and add the camera to the system. Usually the NVR can discover the IP camera automatically. Once you see the live video pop up in the monitor, enter the network setting to change the IP address, and add the new password to the recorder which is important. Most of the surveillance system get hack because the users leave the system with default password.

How to watch the camera on the mobile phone? You will need to download an APP and add PoE NVR ID name to the app. Most of the NVR supports P2P connection today, basically no need to tweak the setting in your router in order to view the live video on the internet.

If you decide to add more IP cameras to the system, pick a PoE switch can provide extra RJ45 ports for the new camera. The NVR has limited resources to take in specific numbers of ip cameras. Checking the system you will find out how many new cameras the NVR still can take in.

  • IP camera security system using non-PoE NVR

Non-NVR has only one rj45 port for linking the system to main network. A PoE switch is required to connect all the cameras and non-PoE NVR together.

LAN port: PoE switch

 HDMI: monitor or TV.

VGA: monitor (VGA).  

USB: connect a mouse.

Audio Out: the external speaker. Power: turn on/off the power.

The connecting process is similar as PoE NVR solution. Instead the ip cameras are connected the PoE NVR, it will be linked to the PoE switch to supply the power and data.

If non-PoE solution is chose, the network hub will supply data for IP cameras only. AC outlets are needed closed to each ip cameras. It could increase installation time and unexpected cost. That is why we mentioned the PoE solution could save installation time and cost.

Here is the video showing how to set up IP cameras security system step by step in both ways.

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