Consider PoE when you upgrade new devices

Some of you may have faced power issues while planning to upgrade the existed system or network devices, such as how to obtain clean and reliable power for the new devices? As we know, the power source is critical to electronic equipment. Sometimes it can even determine the use life of the whole system. In this article I would give you brief idea about how PoE system works and what are those products using PoE in the market. If you’re going to set up new equipments for your business, it would also help you know more about PoE.

In the old time, the power and data are always transported through different cables. If you take a look at the security camera, there must be two ports at the pigtail connector. One is for network, another for the power source. Sometimes you can even see the outlet closed to the camera. It is because the camera requires low voltage. The power adapts or needs to be added to convert AC power to DC12V. This is a lot of trouble, isn’t it? PoE technology can remove those outlets and allow single Ethernet cables carrying electrical power as well as data to supply your new network devices. There is no doubt that PoE delivers great value when you want to upgrade existed devices.

  • How Power over Ethernet (PoE) works?

There’s two technical term about PoE – Power Sourcing Equipment(PSE) and Powered device (PD). The PSE is the equipments which can inject the power to cable and the PD always stays at another end of the cable receiving the power. The power is added to the cable and transported as well as the data until it reach the PD which could be your PoE IP camera, access point, VoIP, etc. I understand you may have question. Is it safe to transport both power and data in single cable? It is definitely safe. The PoE complies with IEEE802.3 standard. The PSE always detects the signal before releasing the power to the remote PD. If the PSE doesn’t receive correct signal from PD, the PSE will never release the power. Even for the legitimate PD, the PSE will increase the power step by step and keep checking the signal until it works stably. This process calls PD signature verification.

The below is the key benefit of using PoE

  •      Remove outlet, Reduce installation time.
  •      Steady power supply and network.
  •      No-PoE product can also be used.
  •      Backup power with emergency situations.
  • PoE get rid of power outlet

The PoE technology combines both power and data together and transport in single network. This feature delivers great flexible when deploying the network equipment. Where the network goes, the power source follows. The power source are not longer the limitation. Moreover, PoE can supply clean and stable power to the equipment which can keep system running 24/7.

For example, people are upgrading the analog cameras to IP camera in their backyard or office. In the past, they need to put up a power source and network cable then it can send power and data to IP camera. While choosing PoE products, single cable will be enough. The power outlets are removed in the field. It saves the installation time and cost.

  • What are those products using PoE today?

Technically any low voltage products can be integrated with the PoE technology. There are some common PoE products in the market including PoE injector, PoE Switch, PoE extender, PoE splitter. PoE NVR.

  • PoE switch       

With the ability to provide power over Ethernet from each interface while still being able to forward frames. The PoE switch has integrated both network switch and power together. It looks no different from common switch. Only when the PoE devices are plugged in, the PoE switch can supply power as well as network. People always ask whether PoE switch can take in NO-PoE devices or not. The answer is Yes. When No-PoE device is plugged in, the PoE switch only provides the network. PoE switch is convenient choice when you need to upgrade network facilities as well.

  • PoE extender

Extend Ethernet network beyond 100m distance limit. The network signal will become unstable such as connection drop, high latency when cable distance is over 100 meters. The PoE extender is the prefer solution to extend Ethernet distance without breaking IEEE802.3 standard. As the PoE extender can take the power from PoE injector or PoE switch. No power outlet require in each of the extender. PoE extender can provide stable data translation for long distance (100m-500m).

  • PoE injector

Add the power to Ethernet cable and send to the remote PD devices. This is most common PoE solution before PoE switch. Using the injector, the No-PoE network can be transformed to PoE capability. The PoE injector are usually being added after convenient switch. The data will pass through the injector without any processing.

  • PoE splitter    

Supplies power to non-PoE devices by splitting power from data and feeding it to a separate input. Opposite to the PoE injector, the splitter separate the power from data. If the new network device doesn’t support PoE. The splitters can make the PoE works. Adding the PoE injector closed to the network devices will be able to receive the power and data from PoE switch or PoE injector.

  • PoE NVR

PoE NVR becomes popular in these few years. The NVR is the recording equipment in surveillance system and PoE NVR has integrated PoE switch to a video recorder. So the ip cameras can wire back to the rPoE NVR. It simplifies the surveillance system structure.

I will update this page once new PoE device is appeared in the market. The below is the video how to set up PoE ip camera system.

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